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All sessions are by veterinary referral only, even the fun and fitness swims

To register, simply download our referral form, take it to your vet to complete then return it to us either in person or via email info@yorkshirecaninehydrotherapycentre.co.uk. We will then call you to arrange your appointment.

Initial Consultation and follow up Rehabilitation

Canine Hydrotherapy Centre Goole


Hydrotherapy is an important part of the recovery process for injured dogs. It helps to reduce pain and return them to as normal function as possible.

Rehab sessions are ideal for dogs with health issues needing pre or postoperative rehabilitation for a variety of orthopaedic and neurological conditions such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Cruciate problems, spinal conditions plus many more.

This includes a land based assessment and targeted therapeutic exercises during hydrotherapy to aid recovery.

Fun and Fitness

Dog Hydrotherapy in Goole


This is a perfect programme for pet dogs, working dogs and for conditioning the canine athlete and show dog. It will improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and core strength.

It is also suitable for first time swimmers, nervous dogs and puppies who may need to build confidence and is an excellent way for healthy dogs to experience a new form of exercise in a safe environment.

Golden Oldies

Dog Hydrotherapy Goole


This programme is a real treat for Golden Oldies who’s painful joints really benefit from the therapeutic properties of warm water.

Slowing down is often associated with dogs ‘just getting older’. Did you know that over 80% of older dogs suffer with Osteoarthritis (OA). It’s a really debilitating condition which adversely affects our dogs in their older years.

We see huge improvements in our older dogs coming to hydrotherapy –they can have a real spring in their step after a session.

Weight Loss


If your dog is a little overweight then this is the prefect service to help them shed a few kilos and reduce the strain on their joints.

With regular weigh-ins, body score assessments and nutritional advice, we can help your dog become fitter and stronger, improving their quality of life.