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Canine Hydrotherapy Goole

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our pool is heated to between 28 – 32 degrees ensuring muscles are relaxed throughout treatment. As exercise in the pool is non-weight bearing, it promotes an earlier active range of movement in joints. Swimming is great for general strength and cardiovascular conditioning allowing muscle groups to be used which can be neglected on land. A hydrotherapist will always be in the pool to support and encourage your dog. We also love the pool for our ‘Golden Oldies’ who really benefit from the therapeutic effects of water with gentle laps or static swimming in the pool.

Dog Hydrotherapy Goole

Under Water Treadmill (UWTM)

Our underwater treadmill is perfect for dogs who perhaps dislike swimming and allows for calmer, more controlled hydrotherapy for patients who lack control in the pool. It’s great for the owner too as you can have direct contact with your dog (so long as it doesn’t affect their focus) and you can directly observe your pets gait and conformation. The hydrotherapist can assist your dog in the treadmill or observe from the outside, this will depend on each individual patient and how they respond to the session and their treatment plan. Your hydrotherapist is able to vary the level of weight bearing by using water depth which is a useful tool when progressing your dog through it’s next phase of treatment. Dogs who need gait re-education will really benefit from the underwater treadmill.

Dog Laser Therapy Goole

Laser Therapy

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